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      RPUFIXDS and RPUPAV00 reports

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      Hello Experts.

      Recently we finished the production refresh for Quality servers. Our client is intrested to run RPUFIXDS and RPUPAV00 reports post refresh. I read the documentation for these reports but couldnt get the functionality of these reports.

      Can anyone please help me whats the relevance of these reports and why we need to execute them post refresh.

      Siddharth Rajora replied

      rpufixds is meant to get rid of the inconsistency if the switch is not set in table t77s0 CCURE/PC_UI

      ie 1447867

      so that new infotype framework is used. its always reommended to schedule this report

      other report is used to update secondary infotypes which might be misisng for 0021

      Note 1635752


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