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      Completely Delete Infotype MD Records (Reorganization of Infotype Records)

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      This document will discuss how to use report RPUREOPN (Reorganization of Infotype Records)

      This report is used to completely delete the master data records in a specific infotype or subtype for a specific employee or for the whole master data set

      Caution: This report must be user with extreme caution and should be used only on a quality assurance client.

      You can run this report through t-code SE38, Just enter the report name RPUREOPN and then click execute

      In this report you can select specific employee number or leave the employee numbers field blank to delete the specified infotype master data for the whole master data set recorded in this infotype.

      Then you have to specify the infotype number or the infotype number range or a selected number of infotype e.g. 0014

      Then you have to enter a combination of an infotype/subtype together e.g. 00143090

      In the above case the report will delete all the records of subtype 3090 in infotype 0014 which refers in this case for a specific wagetype

      The date of reorganization should contain the date which the master data recorded to be deleted starts and ends before this date.

      Then you have to specify a flag and a mode,

      The report is defaulted to Flag and mode TEST which is used only for testing and should be run in a test mode before running it with a deletion flag.

      When you run the report in a test mode you will get the number of recorded selected and to be delete but not yet deleted as follows.

      After making sure that the number of recorded to be deleted matches the number you actually want to delete, Now you how to rune the report in a delete mode.

      To run the report in a delete mode you have to do as follows

      The report flag should be set to D

      The report mode should be set to DELE

      The report password should contains you user name.

      In that case all of the master data records in the specified infotype will be deleted permanently

      Hope the document was helpful and if anyone has any comments or any amendments in the document please let me know. 


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